What is the value of ERL

  • The organization is the collective soul of its stakeholders.
  • The organization is customer centric and works to delight customers.
  • The organization always tries to add new ideas in its work.
  • The organization adopts innovation in process of work execution through digitization.
  • The organization always practices high standard of business ethics.
  • The organization contributes for environment sustainability.
  • The organization contributes towards colleagues and underprivileged
  • Individuals in the nearby locality of the registered office.
  • Supply Chain Management in the Transport Business


Last but not the list

  • It is our pleasure to mention here that the company since inception working being organized in meeting all licensing system, registration of the organization at different controlling departments and carrying all documents, legal compliances, financial compliances, tax payments to meet the ethical practice mission of the organization. Our effective and honest human resource added a great value to our operation.
  • We also want to add here that the feedbacks of our stakeholders are the real asset for us to bring dynamism in our organization.
  • Overall we try to accommodate all our stakeholders to the high level of satisfaction. Our priority is always to maintain the safety of our materials and security of our human resource through assured insurance. The CSR activities and social/environmental contribution of the company certainly added ornaments for the growth of the company. We feel the real "Aamara Udyam Amara Khusi" through the happiness of all our stakeholders.